Wowza SQL Authentication


What is this Wowza authentication jar-plugin able to do?

--NEW-- Support for Wowza 4.7.x
- The module is built to support the most recent Wowza version, but is also backward compatible to Wowza 3 and 2!

Monthly pricing model
- We offer monthly license -->Read more here

Support for both Live and Video On Demand (VOD)
- The module handle both Live and on demand video, with no difference for the web application.

Provide auth. for RTMP (Flash), HTTP (Apple HLS) and RTSP
- The module is able to handle three types of streams the same way (even if they have to be handled in different ways inside of the Wowza service). The login is done with a separate password (AuthPass), generated at login and is stored in the database.

Support any player able to send query string
- This module does not rely on any specific player, all kind of media players able to send a query string is supported. Authentication will work from iPhone, Android, VLC, etc. For web we recommend JW player 6, but other players may also work.

Support for session time
- The database can store login time and reject streams if user session is to old (configurable attribute, default is 120 minutes), this is manly to force login and not be able to share links with other users, not logged in. (You can test it on this site "Play stream", by simply not log in and look up username and AuthPass on the "Admin" page)

Support for connection count limit
- This module make it possible to limit total connection per user to 1 session, all old connections is disconnected. This is manly to force login and not be able to share links with other users, not logged in. (You can also test this, with help of this site)

Support for MsSQL and MySQL
- In the application specific config file it is able to select type of database, also all table names are dynamic and all of attributes that the new table interact with (Like UserID, UserName), this make it possible to extend a database in production with this module, without modification to existing database structure! The attributes "Database server", "username" and "password" are configurable attributes in the application specific config file (MsSQL use SQL authentication)

- The module save the users last know IP in the database. All access to streams and any errors, can all be found in the default Wowza server log file (different log levels available).

What does it not do?

- This module are not able to handle DRM protection of content, please look here for that functionality

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