Wowza SQL Authentication



- We can offer you a monthly license model. After many inquiries we think the right license model is to follow the most popular Wowza pricing model. The price for this module is $50 per server instance and month*, and the module will be able to included in unlimited applications for that server instance. If you order 2 or more licenses, you get one (1) extra free!**

- Custom features and development is possible, send enquiry for price

mail: wowza at nitek dot se

Copyright Christian Niemeyer

*This is about 50% of Wowza monthly fee,and make it possible to charge users, I.E. for extra high bandwidth streams or premium content. Extra charge may be added if your module is hosted at a service provider, for hosting, managment and support.
**To use in your company's infrastructure, I.E for extra edge servers when you use temporary extra servers for load balancing. Module is to be installed at edge servers (or master server for single server setup).